Whitby care home plans to be refused?

Posted on 15 April 2011

Whitby Town Councillors have said that plans for a new care home, which would have widened the options of people choosing a care home in the area, should be refused.

The proposal detailed plans to convert a former magistrates court into a new care home facility, reports the Whitby Gazette.

Local resident Geoff Hodgson said that although the site would be well used for a care home, people in the area feel that the design is too big and would impact on some of the surrounding properties.

According to the publication, Councillor John Freeman said: "It is the old problem [of] 'let's see how much we can maximise on that chunk of land and get the money back'.

"My feeling is we ask them to go away and re-submit a plan. I am not happy with this."

Nevertheless, people choosing a care home in Yorkshire should be spoilt for choice after the Department of Health awarded £83 million to the city in order to support the building of three developments designed to house older and vulnerable people, reports the East Riding Mail.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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