Tomatoes, potatoes and onions grown in restored greenhouse

Posted on 06 September 2011

Those paying for care at a Port Glasgow unit have been celebrating the successful restoration of a run-down greenhouse, after they harvested a bumper crop of tomatoes.

Residents at Broadstone Gardens sheltered housing complex started revitalising the neglected greenhouse in the gardens after new resident and keen gardener Billy Macfarlane spotted its potential.

He told Inverclyde Now: "We we spent some time cleaning it out and decided to try growing some tomato plants. Despite it not being a great summer, we got a really good crop and have been sharing our riches amongst other residents."

The residents did not stop at tomatoes, also planting successful crops of potatoes and onions.

Fellow resident Jim Fowler said that he hoped to get more people involved next year, plant a bigger variety of vegetables and even put out some hanging baskets.

This follows comments from one expert who said that gardening or light housework could count as moderate physical activity in some individuals.

Linda Main, dietetic advisor for Heart UK - The Cholesterol Charity, said that adults should undertake 30 minutes of moderate exercise on five or more days during the week in order to benefit their heart.

Posted by Natalie Edwards



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