Technique developed to detect Alzheimer's early on

Posted on 26 April 2011

A new technique could be used to identify which individuals have Alzheimer's, in the earliest stage of the condition.

The technique, which looks set to help people with long term care plans, involved using fluorescence signals to identify whether the clusters of peptide characteristic of the disease are gathering.

Researchers at the University of Strathclyde found that the peptide produced fluorescent light signals which could be picked up with the new technique much more quickly that with other measures.

"This approach could help us understand better the role of these peptides in the onset of Alzheimer's and discover ways in which the disease could be stopped in its tracks early on," said study leader Dr Olaf Rolinsk.

This follows research carried out at the University of San Francisco which found that being gullible or unable to detect sarcasm could be an early indicator of dementia.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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