Take out mobility scooter insurance, expert advises

Posted on 29 September 2011

People paying for care who use a mobility scooter should ensure they have taken out insurance on the device.

Stephen Perry, interim managing director at Electric Mobility, said that if the scooter is stolen, having insurance on it means that a replacement will arrive quickly and the individual can remain mobile.

Furthermore, if the scooter must be kept outside, it is important it is chained to an outside wall with a sturdy padlock and chain.

For extra security, consider an outside lamp with a sensor, so if someone goes near the scooter they will trigger a flood light.

"If they can be seen they will think twice about stealing the scooter," commented Mr Perry.

"The more difficult you make it for a potential thief the less likely they are to try and take away your scooter."

Users should also remember to remove the keys when they have finished for the day, he said, and purchase an all weather scooter cover to protect it from the elements.

Posted by Toby Mynott



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