Surgery 'could worsen Alzheimer's disease'

Posted on 27 July 2011

A new report has discovered that Alzheimer's sufferers paying for long term care could be at risk of worsening their condition if they undergo surgery.

According to the Daily Mail, researchers from Southampton University have made a link between an acceleration of brain damage in existing patients and traumatic experiences such as an injury or surgery.

The news comes following the death of Columbo actor Peter Falk, whose dementia reportedly became worse after several dental operations and further hip-replacement surgery.

Clive Holmes, lead researcher and professor of biological psychiatry at Southampton University, said: "What is normally a healthy recovery process becomes a toxic bullet in people with early Alzheimer's disease, killing brain cells at an accelerated rate."

Research at the San Francisco VA Medical Center recently revealed that more than half of all Alzheimer's cases could potentially be prevented through lifestyle changes and prevention or treatment of other chronic conditions.

Posted by Nigel Murphy


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