Stroke recovery genes identified

Posted on 22 September 2011

A number of genes ,which could promote recovery from stroke - a condition suffered by many older adults paying for care, have been discovered by scientists.

According to research published in journal Neuron, 70 genes which play a key role in regenerating nerves after injury caused by conditions such as stroke, have be discovered.

These genes work by promoting axon re-growth.

Furthermore, researchers also uncovered six genes which repress the re-growth of these axons, thereby hindering recovery after stroke.

The University of California San Diego's Andrew Chisholm commented: "When you have an injury to your spinal cord or you have a stroke you cause a lot of damage to your axons. And in your brain or spinal cord, regeneration is very inefficient. That's why spinal cord injuries are basically untreatable."

This follows a study published in journal Neurology which revealed that while many stroke patients are compliant in taking their medication, certain vulnerabilities could explain why others are not.

Posted by Toby Mynott



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