Spending time outside 'could fight cancer'

Posted on 31 May 2011

People with long term care plans may want to spend some time in the fresh air, after one expert said that enjoying time outdoors could be good for health and wellbeing.

Professor Tim Oliver, founder of male cancer charity Orchid, said that high vitamin D levels resulting from spending time outside could be one reason that taking a walk could prevent prostate cancer.

"It is possible that one of the main ways that exercise prevents cancer is that, as it is mostly outdoors, the patients whose cancers grow slower do so because they have higher vitamin D levels."

He suggested that Vitamin D enables to body to better resist minor infections that enter the prostate at any time of life.

This follows the discovery of a link between brisk walking and lowered prostate cancer progression by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco.

It was revealed that those who undertook brisk walking of at least three miles per hour, a minimum of three hours per week following diagnosis, were 60 per cent less likely to develop biochemical markers of recurrence or need further treatment.



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