Sheffield care home staff promote 'grey pride'

Posted on 17 June 2011

Care home staff working with those paying for care in Sheffield hit the streets to promote 'grey pride'.

Employees at Eagle House were collecting signatures in support of a government minister for older people as part of Anchor's Grey Pride Week, reports the Star.

A minister for older people would put forth the views of older people when it comes to issues such as discussing council cuts, pensions and paying for long term care, according to the team.

Sheffield campaign leader Jason Axford told the publication that older people do not have "a voice".

"There's no actual minister looking after the welfare of older people. There's one for children and families but not one for the elderly - I think there’s a requirement for it," he said.

Meanwhile, there is growing support for the campaign in parliament, with Labour former minister Iain Wright tabling the motion for a minister for older people.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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