Red wine ingredient 'may combat breast cancer'

Posted on 30 September 2011

An ingredient found in red wine has been discovered to stop the growth of breast cancer, potentially benefitting people paying for care.

In a study published in the FASEB Journal, scientists showed that resveratrol, contained in red wine, blocks the growth effects of oestrogen to halt the development of breast cancer.

As resveratrol inhibits the proliferation of hormone resistant breast cancer cells, researchers believe that it could combat the malignant progression.

Gerald Weissmann, editor of the journal, commented: "These findings are exciting, but in no way does it mean that people should go out and start using red wine or resveratrol supplements as a treatment for breast cancer.

"What it does mean, however, is that scientists haven't finished distilling the secrets of good health that have been hidden in natural products such as red wine."

This follows a study published in journal PLoS Medicine which found that enjoying an alcoholic drink or two each day could be beneficial to the health of older women.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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