People who rate their health as poor 'at higher dementia risk'

Posted on 06 October 2011

People paying for care who believe they are in poor health could be at a higher risk of developing dementia than those who think they are fit, according to a new study.

Research published in journal Neurology revealed that people who rate their health as poor are 70 per cent more likely to get the neurodegenerative condition.

Furthermore, the risk was 34 per cent higher in those who reported their health to be fair.

It was also found that the link between people's health ratings and developing dementia was even stronger for those who did not have any memory problems or other cognitive issues.

Study author Christophe Tzourio commented: "We know that having a large social network and social activities are associated with a decreased risk of dementia.

"Therefore, it's possible that rating one's health as poor might be associated with behaviours that limit social interaction and in turn accelerate the dementia process."

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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