Paying for long term care reviewed in Staffordshire

Posted on 10 February 2011

Pensioners in Staffordshire will be protected from increased fees that could affect those paying for care in the county, the local authority has said.

The Staffordshire Sentinel reports that Staffordshire County Council has reviewed the costs paid for elderly and social care, meaning one-third of users will be expected to pay higher fees.

However, the authority said the increases will only apply to people with £14,250 in savings, easing the strain for those less able to pay for their long term care plans.

Conservative councillor Matthew Ellis told the newspaper: "The old system was not fair. It was too generous to some, too tough on others."

He added: "We are making sure that people who can't afford it, don't pay at all."

This month, the Guardian newspaper will host a panel Q&A session about the future of paying for elderly care, featuring Martin Stevenson of Harvest Housing Group and Kim Scott of Places for People.


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