Paying for care to change in Lincolnshire

Posted on 28 February 2011

People paying for care in areas of Lincolnshire could find themselves footing the bill for the full cost of services without any help from local authorities.

The Grimsby Telegraph reports that North East Lincolnshire Council and Care Trust Plus have said they will not subsidise the cost of home and day centre care for adults.

People using care services will be assessed according to their disposable income and the amount of care they receive, with the highest earners receiving no council cash at all.

"It is government legislation that has forced us down this path, we don't enjoy doing it," councillor Steve Hocknell told the newspaper.

"But I am quite content the most vulnerable members of our society will be looked after as well as, if not better than, before."

Meanwhile, the Islington Tribune revealed that Islington Council is considering a similar move after launching a consultation exercise about implementing means-testing for social care.


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