Paying for care to be put into hands of Swindon residents

Posted on 24 February 2011

Swindon Council is hoping to save money and put older people in control of how the authority spends its money on them in an unusual new scheme.

Elderly and vulnerable adults will be given "personal budgets" of council money that they are free to spend as they please - whether on paying for long term care or improving their properties.

While the system is already in use by some residents, the council wants to expand it to cover three times as many people by next year.

It would also allow family members to be paid for providing care.

"It's not a case we just dump money in the bank and say: here you are, do what you like - buy a new bike," said councillor Peter Mallinson.

"But if someone thought really that's the best possible thing to give them mobility, who's to say you can't do that?"


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