Panic attack research 'may have implications for stroke'

Posted on 28 July 2011

Researchers have gained a potential insight into the mechanisms of a stroke, a condition suffered by many with long term care plans.

Scientists from Southern Methodist University in Dallas monitored the respiration, heart rate and other bodily functions in the time leading up to a panic attack.

According to the study, waves of significant physiological instability were seen in the 60 minutes before patients became aware of the panic attack.

These findings could have implications for other "out-of-the-blue" onsets such as strokes, seizures and manic episodes, researchers have said.

"I think this method and study will ultimately help detect what's going on before these unexpected events and help determine how to prevent them," said Alicia E Meuret of the university.

"If we know what's happening before the event, it's easier to treat it."

This follows news that the risk of experiencing a heart attack is more likely to be inherited genetically than the risk of suffering a stroke, according to research published in journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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