'More work needed' to diagnose dementia

Posted on 01 March 2011

More than half a million people will have undiagnosed dementia by 2021, according to recent research, which could see people consider the ramifications of long term care plans in the near future.

The Alzheimer's Society's research, produced in collaboration with Tesco, indicates that too many people with the condition go undiagnosed because of a lack of awareness of the symptoms.

Without a diagnosis, older people cannot get access to the drugs or advice they need to help them to live with dementia.

Jeremy Hughes, chief executive of the Alzheimer's Society, said it is "really concerning" that six out of ten people with dementia do not have a diagnosis.

"The money raised through the Tesco partnership will help us ensure people with dementia don't face it alone," he said.

"Anyone who is concerned about their memory should visit their GP."

In January, the Alzheimer's Society launched a new iPhone app to provide people with more information on how their brains work.


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