Memory loss in older people 'due to cluttered brain'

Posted on 20 April 2011

The memory decline seen in older people, who may have long term care plans, could be due to the interference of irrelevant information, according to new research.

Investigators at Concordia University revealed that older people may experience working memory decline due to a 'cluttering' of their minds with irrelevant information when they perform tasks.

The working memories of a group of younger people, with the average age of 23, and older individuals aged around 67, were compared in a task.

Older people were seen to possess reduced working memory compared to the younger group.

Study leader Karen Li explained: "Our study was novel because we looked at how the ability to recall and process information at the same time changes as people get older."

Meanwhile, researchers at Northwestern University have found that older adults who had been hospitalised had an increased risk of memory loss and had more difficulty understanding discharge instructions.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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