Memory foam mattresses 'support bad backs'

Posted on 13 October 2011

People paying for care with bad backs could benefit from a memory foam mattress, one industry specialist has indicated.

A spokesman for Teme Valley said that memory foam mattresses give backs a high level of support.

He explained that the top layer of the mattress is memory foam which moulds into the body of the user for support.

"If you think about it, your spine is not a flat surface; it is a curved surface. So if you have better support then you will sleep better and you will move less. Also, especially if you have got a bad back, then it is very good for you," continued the spokesman.

He also reported that people are now paying more attention to which mattress they buy, with the memory foam being a best seller.

The mattress is proven to help those with bad backs, he said, and if the customer has a medical condition they do not have to pay VAT on memory foam mattresses.

"It is not going to cure it, but it will help," he said.

Older people should ensure they get a mattress which will allow them to have a good night's sleep, with recent research showing that the sleep-wake cycle may play a part in preventing Alzheimer's disease.

In a study published online in journal Archives of Neurology, it was found that the brain's relative inactivity during sleep could provide an opportunity to finish clearing away amyloid beta - a known marker of the neurodegenerative condition.

The pattern was found to be strongest in healthy young people, which ties in with age as a risk factor for Alzheimer's.

This research also supports previous findings from an animal study, which uncovered a link between increase risk of the dementia and inadequate levels of sleep.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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