Melanoma 'due to frailty of patient rather than age'

Posted on 01 September 2011

The recurrence of melanoma is due to the underlying health issues of the patient rather than their age, a new study has shown.

Research from the University of Michigan revealed that patients with decreased core muscle density were more likely to see the cancer spread to distant parts of their body.

It was found that every 10 units of decreased muscle density corresponded with a 28 per cent increased risk of recurrence.

Authors hypothesised that patients whose systems are less able to respond to the melanoma could be more vulnerable to the spread of cancer.

Lead study author Michael S Sabel said: "The big question is if we could reverse sarcopenia through better nutrition and exercise, would that lead to a decreased risk of recurrence in those patients?"

In other news, saffron could be used to treat liver cancer, researchers have discovered.

A study published in journal Heptology found that saffron has a significant chemopreventive effect against the condition in animal models.

Posted by Toby Mynott



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