Keep mentally stimulated in old age, expert advises

Posted on 01 July 2011

Older people thinking of choosing a care home should keep their minds stimulated, one expert has stipulated.

Dianne Bown-Wilson, chief executive of older people service In My Prime, said that older people should adopt a range of activities in order to retain good mental health.

She explained that these activities should include regular daily mental stimulation involving learning and mental activation such as doing crosswords, Sudoku or playing bridge.

For more active seniors, travel, continuing education or taking up a new hobby are all greatly advantageous.

"Most of all, a positive mindset that refuses to accept that older age automatically means decline and a determination to enjoy life to the full without slowing down, appear to be the key attributes of continuing mental alertness," she finished.

Meanwhile, research by the University of Missouri has revealed that planning ahead for changes in lifestyle and health lead to better retirements for older married couples.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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