Joy as Llanelli care homes remain open

Posted on 01 March 2011

Two care facilities in Llanelli have been spared closure, providing people in the Carmarthenshire town with more scope when choosing a care home.

Caemaen and St Paul's will be kept open and under local authority control following a vote by councillors, to the jubilation of people using the services, the Llanelli Star reports.

Carmarthenshire Council wanted to close St Paul's and privatise Caemaen, but funding will now be provided by an increase in council tax.

"Everyone was so relieved and happy that they will not be moved out," June Newnham, whose sister is a resident at Caemaen, told the newspaper.

"They were full of smiles and tears. They were over the moon," she added.

Councillor Mike Burns added that he supported caring for people in their own homes but conceded that for some people, "care homes will be the right answer".

However, people paying for care in Kirklees were less pleased recently, after it was revealed by the Huddersfield Daily Examiner that care cuts in the borough are the most severe in West Yorkshire.


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