Higher insulin resistance seen in diabetics with sleep problems

Posted on 03 May 2011

People with diabetes who have difficulty sleeping have a higher insulin resistance, research has revealed, which could affect many people choosing a care home.

A study published in the journal Diabetes Care indicated that experiencing disturbed sleep could lead to higher insulin resistance and difficulty controlling the condition.

Sleep disorders are more common in patients with type 2 diabetes, said the authors, which is most prevalent in older adults who may be choosing a care home.

Lead author Kristen Knutson of the University of Chicago warned: "People who have a hard time controlling their blood glucose levels have a greater risk of complications. They have a reduced quality of life. And, they have a reduced life expectancy."

In other news, research published in the Journal of Caffeine Research revealed that caffeine could disrupt glucose metabolism and play a role in the progression and poor control of type 2 diabetes.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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