Healthy diet 'limits bowel cancer risk'

Posted on 28 July 2011

Older people choosing a care home should ensure they observe a healthy diet.

According to one expert, eating healthily can reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer.

She explained that limiting intake of red and processed meat, increasing fibre and decreasing the amount of alcohol could all be proactive measures to avoid the condition.

In addition, exercising regularly and quitting smoking are also associated with lower risk.

Ms Gilbert also said that some people are still reluctant to undergo the faecal occult blood test to find out whether they have bowel cancer.

"There is also evidence that men tend to not comply because they would rather not know, and there is a fatalistic 'tempting fate' attitude. However, we would urge people to comply with the test as it could save their life," she commented.

Meanwhile, Cancer Research UK has revealed that men's chances of developing bowel cancer in the UK has doubled since the mid-1970s.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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