Find your own way to relieve stress, doctor advises

Posted on 02 September 2011

Stress can be hazardous to the health of people choosing a care home, and one expert has said that individuals must identify their own ways of relieving the anxiety.

Gastroenterologist Dr Nick Read said that different stress-relief methods work for different people.

While some find exercise to be useful, others prefer meditation, he continued.

"I would say to patients: 'How do you relax?' What works for you?' Stress is a very individual thing so you have got to find your own way of dealing with it. You have got to understand your own stress," said the expert.

This follows research by Zantac 75 Relief, which found that 41 per cent of women cite stress and anxiety as most likely to cause an attack of heartburn.

One in three men blame a bad diet for their heartburn, while nearly one in five people surveyed responded that leading a busy lifestyle and not having enough time to relax and eat properly is the cause.

Posted by Natalie Edwards



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