Councils 'should give more info' on paying for care options

Posted on 03 March 2011

People who are paying for care are not being directed by their local authorities to independent financial advice that could help them to make better decisions, according to a think tank.

The Local Government Information Unit found in a survey of 174 councils in England that 61 per cent did not know how many self-funding people used the state for residential care.

"Councils can help self-funders to avoid exhausting their own resources by taking a preventative approach," stated the report.

This means intervening early with information and advice to direct people to financial advisers who can assist them in paying for long term care, something just three per cent of councils currently do.

The report added: "Individuals have a range of options for generating a reliable income stream to meet care fees."

Recently, the Reading Post revealed that Reading Borough Council makes the majority of its payments to elderly care facilities.


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