Council vote against St Ives care home plans

Posted on 27 April 2011

People choosing a care home in St Ives will not have the option of a new 72-bed care home after plans were rejected following a protest.

The council said that the site Cornwall Care had applied to build the care home on was not appropriate, reports BBC News.

Cornwall Care had proposed that the £12 million home would be situated in two fields under the town monument.

However, locals protested, saying that while a new facility was needed, the site should be changed and the council voted 13 to one against the plans.

Protestor Rita Lait spoke to the BBC about the outcome of the vote, saying: "It was not really the outcome we expected. We thought the vote was going to be much closer.

"Whatever swayed them; it's a still big, big milestone in our campaign."

This follows bad news for those choosing a care home in Derbyshire, after the Ilkeston Advertiser reported that an application for government funding to help revamp six care homes in the area had been rejected.

Posted by Toby Mynott



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