Combination of therapies 'aids stroke recovery'

Posted on 20 April 2011

Stroke recovery could be improved by combining to already existing treatments for the condition, findings have indicated.

A two-pronged molecular therapy was found to improve motor recovery in a rat model of stroke, according to research conducted at Children's Hospital Boston.

Both therapies have previously been seen to improve recovery in motor function following a stroke when used independently.

However, scientists have found that by combining the two therapies, the treatment is more successful then when either is used singularly.

Senior researcher Larry Benowitz said: "When you put these two together, you get much stronger growth of new circuits than either one alone, and very striking functional improvements."

This follows news that antidepressants could be used to aid stroke recovery, according to research carried out at the University of Iowa.

It was found that patients who took a short course of antidepressants while recovering from a stroke showed a significantly improved recovery when compared to a placebo group.

Posted by Natalie Edwards



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