Care homes create guidelines in a bid to be used for NHS patients

Posted on 19 April 2011

Four major healthcare groups are soon to meet to discuss a new set of standards for caring for NHS patients, it has been reported.

Barchester Healthcare, the Priory, Southern Cross and Four Seasons intend to meet next month in an effort to persuade the government to utilise their services more, reports the Daily Mail.

Care home officials say they can assist the overburdened NHS by taking on patients that do not need extensive levels of nursing, but are taking up beds in acute care wards that are expensive to run.

Therefore, Dr Peter Calverley, chief executive of Four Seasons Healthcare and Martin Green from English Community Care, are working together in an attempt to create a new set of standards for the care home industry.

This follows research from Northwestern University that revealed older adults who had been hospitalised were at a higher risk of memory loss and had more difficulty understanding discharge instructions.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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