Age should be independent cardiovascular screening factor, expert says

Posted on 05 May 2011

If all older people, who may be paying for care, were considered at risk of certain cardiovascular events, blood tests and medical examinations would be cut, new findings indicate.

Research from Barts and the London Medical School indicated that age should be used as an independent factor to screen individuals from stroke and heart disease.

This could replace current screening methods without reducing effectiveness, according to the scientists.

Implementing a cut off age of 55, researchers saw an 84 per cent detection rate with 24 per cent false positives.

This compares to the 84 per cent detection rate achieved by current screening methods, with just a 21 per cent false positive rate.

Author Professor Sir Nicholas Wald said: "This study shows that age screening for future cardiovascular disease is simpler than current assessments, with a similar screening performance and cost effectiveness. It also avoids the need for blood tests and medical examinations."

In other news, scientists at Children's Hospital Boston have developed a two-pronged molecular therapy which could be used to improve skilled motor function in stroke patients.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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