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Types of Care & Costs

Choosing the right type of care requires much research and consideration. Read our comprehensive care guide to help you understand what each type of elderly care offers and the annual fees you can expect to pay.

  • How does each type of care vary from one another? We’ve identified the differences to make you more aware of your options.

Find out the average amount you can expect to pay in long term care costs depending on the type of care and location.

Self-Funding: How Can I Fund Care?

Determining whether you must self-fund your care is a complicated process that can leave you with many unanswered questions. This section will give you insight into the financial side of care and how you can cover the cost of elderly care fees.

  • Find out if you will be expected to pay your care fees with our clear and thorough self-funding information and understand your care payment options.

Using your property to fund care? Read our advice section to learn which route is best for you.

State-Funding: Local Authority Support

Some people looking to go into elderly care may be eligible to receive funding from the government. We’ve compiled information to help you determine whether you fall into this category and how to go about receiving your state-funded care.

  • What are the different types of Local Authority funding?  Find out what support you may be eligible for and how your Local Authority can help you.

There are many thorough checks that go into assessing your care entitlements. We explain the process and provide information on how to receive state-funding if you satisfy the necessary financial conditions.


This general section provides useful background information including care news, government information, tools including the care fees calculator and care cap calculator and PayingForCare activities and relationships.