Funding of Social Care

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  • Posted by Ian Turner on
    Chair of Registered Nursing Home Association

The funding of Social Care is a question that most members of the general public do not understand. The average person believes that social care is funded by the taxpayer when in fact it is, in the main, means tested. That some welfare benefits and NHS funding can be available in certain circumstances simply complicates the situation.

Several government initiatives have been launched to reform the funding of social care but none has yet been legislated for. Some twenty years since the Community Care Act 1990 was passed we remain operating a system which requires those who have not planned their long term care to sell their homes. There are alternatives but in many cases the financial planning has been left too late or not undertaken at all.

We all know that moving house is stressful. Moving into a residential or nursing home usually means that the person’s health has deteriorated and hence ensuring that the emotional and financial aspects of the move are minimised can only be beneficial.

This website aims to give you as much information as possible about the issues and how to access the different parts of the system. Armed with that information you can utilise the services provided by social care providers to best effect for the benefit of you or your relative.

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