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    Ombudsman of The Local Government Ombudsman

Since October 2010 we have been able to consider complaints from people who arrange and fund their own adult social care. This is in addition to complaints about care arranged and funded by local authorities, which we have dealt with for more than 35 years.

Our new role includes those who ‘self-fund’ from their own resources or have a personalised budget. It ensures that everyone has the same right to complain to us regardless of how the care service is funded. Generally, we will only consider a complaint if the care provider has been given a reasonable opportunity to deal with it first. We are completely impartial and do not take sides or 'champion' complaints. There is no charge to either the person complaining or the care provider.

We are independent of politicians, local authorities, government departments, advocacy and campaigning groups, the care industry, and the Care Quality Commission. We are not a regulator and do not inspect care services.

Who can complain?

Anyone who claims to have suffered an injustice relating to a care service can complain. This could be the person using the care service, their family or other representatives or others affected by the actions of a care provider.

Some complaints will be against the local authority that has arranged and is managing the care. Others will be against the care provider, when there is a private contract between the provider and service user. Some complaints will span the two. Our new and existing powers enable us to deal effectively with complaints that involve the actions of both local authorities and care providers.

More information on our service is available at www.lgo.org.uk/adult-social-care or by calling our Advice Team on 0300 061 0614.

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