Stroke treatment window of opportunity 'longer than thought'

Posted on 28 September 2011

The window of opportunity during which some stroke patients can be treated could be longer than previously believed in some cases, researchers have said, which could have implications for cardiovascular patients paying for care.

In a study published in journal Lancet Neurology, authors said that there could be a longer period in which it is possible to save the brain cells of stroke patients.

Investigator Ashfaq Shuaib reviewed stroke studies that looked at the use of imaging to measure blood flow in the brain after a stroke.

He found that advanced neuroimaging, such as multi-dimensional brain CT scans and MRIs, can provide physicians with important information about the brain following a stroke.

This could help medical professionals to provide better treatment, to prevent brain cells from dying by increasing blood flow to the brain.

"What we're recommending is, don't look at the window of time only, look at the important tissue window which may be quite prolonged in many patients," he said.

"Don't just say, 'oh this person had a stroke 4.5 hours ago, end of story.' This person may have very good tissue you could treat."

Posted by Toby Mynott



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