'Plan early' when paying for long term care

Posted on 16 March 2011

Not everybody realises what a strain it can be to look after a parent in their old age, from choosing a care home to looking after their daily needs, and the best solution may be to plan ahead early.

Rosie Staal, author of What Shall We Do With Mother - What To Do When Your Elderly Parent Is Dependent On You, said it is possible that people underestimate how demanding the duties can be.

"The duties can take a massive emotional toll as well, which many people do not anticipate," she commented.

"It can be really upsetting to witness the decline of a relative, particularly when you find yourself giving the sort of level of care that they gave you when you were a child."

Considering ways to pay for care at an early stage could be a way to people to ensure they reduce this emotional toll as much as possible.


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