Nursing home to become extra care scheme

Posted on 22 February 2011

Former nursing home Burnham House in Malmesbury is being converted into a halfway home between residential care and independent living, providing people making long term care plans with new possibilities.

The scheme will created as many as 50 homes for the elderly and vulnerable, with work set to begin after planning permission for the scheme has been granted, the Gazette and Herald reports.

Townspeople voted for the move last year as part of a number of possible options put forward, and it will be the first of a number of extra schemes in the county.

"We have an ageing population in Malmesbury and this will provide accommodation for people who want to retain their independence but could use extra support," local councillor Simon Killane told the newspaper.

It follows news that the Archbishop of Westminster has called for greater attention to be paid to families caring for elderly relatives, following a critical report of the system by the Health Service Ombudsman.


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