Making diet more healthy 'not rocket science'

Posted on 26 September 2011

People paying for long term care who want to change their diet for health reasons should be able to do this relatively easily.

Dr Hilary Jones, TENA Men spokesperson, emphasised that making healthy dietary changes is "not rocket science".

"Our plates are too big, our appetites are uncontrolled, we are eating very energy dense food, and there is fast food everywhere," he said.

Eating smaller portions with less carbohydrates and less saturated fat is a positive move, as is taking more exercise.

"It really isn't rocket science; this is possible. It just takes an element of motivation to start doing it for a month or so and then you are in the groove," commented Mr Jones.

This follows research conducted as part of TENA Men's Time to Tackle Your Health campaign, which showed that men become increasingly anxious about their health as they get older.

Nearly half are concerned about developing cancer, more than one in four worry about prostate problems and one in three are anxious at the prospect of developing bladder weakness.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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