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Posted on 13 February 2012
Researchers in the United States are suggesting that there could be link between memory loss and a high calorie diet.When investigating the causes of mild cognitive impairment (MCI), which can be an early indicator of dementia, scientists found that ... More »
Posted on 13 February 2012
More than one million older people are missing out on benefits that they are entitled to, a minister has claimed.Steve Webb, the pensions minister, has stated that around 1.6 million elderly people are not claiming their pension credit entitlement.Co... More »
Posted on 10 February 2012
According to a new study conducted in Japan, drinking green tea can help you keep fit and active in old age.Scientists looked the effect of green tea in 14,000 adults aged 65 and over for three years and found that those which had regularly consumed ... More »
Posted on 09 February 2012
Boffins in the United States believe they have found a breakthrough in the fight against Parkinson's disease.The scientists have made human brain cells which replicate the ones that trigger the disorder.The breakthrough will enable scientist to look ... More »
Posted on 08 February 2012
Senior MPs have warned that continuing budget cuts are running the risk of elderly care being plunged into crisis. The government has been urged to join up health, housing and social services by a Commons health select committee because they feel th... More »
Posted on 08 February 2012
The Cheviot Care Home in South Shields has been given an award by South Tyneside Council because of the excellent food it serves to its residents.Following a visit from council inspectors, the home was given a 5 star rating under the Food Standard Ag... More »
Posted on 07 February 2012
With dementia cases on the rise, planning your finances for the future is a must.It is estimated that by 2025 more than one million people in the UK will have been diagnosed with the cognitive brain disorder and one in five people aged over 85 alread... More »
Posted on 06 February 2012
The shortage of beds for people needing care in South West London could soon be alleviated after plans were agreed to build a new £25 million elderly care home in New Malden. The facility, which will be constructed in Coombe Lane West, will include ... More »
Posted on 03 February 2012
Older people are missing out on billions of pounds because they fail to make the necessary claims.Almost £20 billion each year in state benefits which elderly people are entitled to goes unclaimed, says insurance firm Sun Life, which is running a cam... More »
Posted on 02 February 2012
New studies into dementia with Lewy bodies will soon be getting underway in Bath thanks to £220,500 worth of funding from two of the country’s leading Alzheimer’s disease charities. Alzheimer’s Research UK and BRACE have joined forces to set up a th... More »


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