TBI increases stroke risk tenfold, study indicates

Posted on 29 July 2011

The risk of stroke, a worry of many people choosing a care home, increases tenfold after a traumatic brain injury, according to new research.

In the first three months after a traumatic brain injury, participants were seen to be at ten times the risk of having a stroke compared to those with no brain damage, according to the study published in Stroke: Journal of the America Heart Association.

The research showed that 2.91 per cent of traumatic brain injury patients experienced a stroke in the first three months after the incident, compared to 0.30 per cent of the non-brain injury patients.

This follows news published in journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics that found a predisposition to heart attack is more likely to be inherited than a vulnerability to stroke.

It was found that among men with acute heart ailments, 30 per cent had one parent who had had a heart attack, while 21 per cent had at least one sibling who had experienced the condition.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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