Scientists 'to activate good fat'

Posted on 21 September 2011

Activating 'good' fat in the body could play an important role in the fight against obesity and diabetes - conditions affecting many paying for care, according to a study.

Research published in journal Endocrinology identified two molecular pathways vital to the activation of 'good' fat.

This brown fat burns energy instead of storing it as white fat does, lessening the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Scientists can now seek ways to modify steps along the pathways in order to activate this fat.

Lead author Aaron Cypess said that this finding was "a very important piece of the puzzle".

"It provides new opportunities. The point is that we have got to learn how to grow these brown fat cells. There's a lot of missing information. We filled in some of the important missing pieces," he commented.

In other news, University of Alberta research found that exercise could cut the effectiveness of diabetes drug metformin, indicating the two treatments should not be used in conjunction.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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