Resistance training 'fights muscle loss'

Posted on 11 April 2011

Resistance exercise can help older people to reduce their muscle loss as they age, according to one expert, which could help those with long term care plans.

Vicky Johnston, of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, has said that older people should take up resistance training in order to build up muscle strength, as loss is accelerated by sedentary behaviour.

"Resistance may be added by using body weight [by doing] semi-squats, wall press-ups and controlled sit to stand/stand to sit, exercise bands or weights," she explained.

Ms Johnston explained that it is never too late to start doing some form of exercise, as everyone will benefit from targeting the major functional muscle groups. However, people should consult their physician before doing so if it has been a while since they last exercised.

Meanwhile, a study from the University of Michigan has revealed that the loss of up to 0.4 pounds of muscle per year in adults over 50 can be fought through resistance training.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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