Paying for care 'should be planned for early'

Posted on 16 June 2011

A care home position now costs nearly twice the average pensioner's income, research has revealed, meaning people may wish to plan earlier when paying for care and choosing a care home.

The study, by Prestige Nursing & Care, found that a care home place costs up to £30,000 per year as people are living longer, at the same time that council are making cuts to state-funded care, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Jonathan Bruce, managing director of Prestige Nursing & Care, said many people find themselves with large care bills at a time when they themselves need support.

"It is very distressing for families," he told the newspaper.

"Mum or Dad breaks their hip and goes into hospital, they need rehab when they come out, and often families haven't really thought about it."

The news comes as car provider Southern Cross Healthcare announced that it has reached an agreement that will spare its homes until October.

Posted by Nigel Murphy


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