Paying for care 'may be consideration' in light of alcohol epidemic

Posted on 18 February 2011

Those prone to heavy drinking may need to consider ways to pay for care, owing to the high level of health problems associated with the excess.

Alcohol Focus Scotland is concerned about rising levels of drinking, which could exacerbate problems already forecast for future generations when it comes to paying for care.

The organisation's chief executive, Dr Evelyn Gillan, explained that society has a responsibility to look at the reasons for excessive drinking.

She noted: "The health affects arising from excessive drinking are devastating, as over 60 diseases are linked to alcohol.

"Alcohol has become a part of our everyday lives and sadly alcohol misuse is affecting everyone, not just a small percentage of the population."

Her comments follow the publication of data by Alcohol Concern, which indicated that alcohol related hospital admissions are set to rise by 1.5 million per year by the end of the current government's term in office.


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