Music therapy 'treats depression'

Posted on 03 August 2011

People with depression who are paying for care may try to treat their condition using music therapy.

Pauline Etkin, chief executive officer at music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins, explained that music has the power to re-motivate and energise those with depression.

It provides people with the opportunity to express themselves and interact with others without the need for words, according to the expert.

She elaborated that music is able to create many different moods and states.

"Low and depressed mood can be acknowledged in the choice of specific music, and music can then be used towards transforming this, enlivening and lifting energy, and providing potential for communication and enjoyment," said Ms Etkin.

This follows research in the British Journal of Psychiatry which revealed that music therapy is able to improve the mental health of people with depression.

Active music-making was seen to offer patients opportunities for new aesthetic, physical and relational experiences.

Posted by Toby Mynott



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