Immediate rehab 'more effective in knee patients'

Posted on 15 March 2011

Knee surgery patients who begin rehabilitation within 24 hours after the treatment recover faster than those who do not, research has shown, which could affect their long term care plans.

Starting physical therapy within 24 hours of surgery could improve pain and the range of joint motion and muscle strength, according to the study, published in the journal Clinical Rehabilitation.

It was found that those who started rehabilitation earlier were discharged from the hospital an average of two days before the patients in the control group were. Additionally, they underwent an average of five fewer rehabilitation sessions.

Adelaida Ma Castro Sanchez of the University of Almeria noted: "Orthopaedics, especially knee replacement surgery, is one area that may lend itself to accelerated discharge."

This comes after medical director of Arthritis UK Professor Alan Silman said that joint replacements are more likely to fail in overweight patients.

He pointed out that half of patients who are obese do not recover from surgery as well as their normal-weight counterparts.



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