Heart condition treatment 'could prevent dementia'

Posted on 10 March 2011

Treating stroke survivors for a heart condition could lessen the risk of dementia in the future, new research suggests, which could benefit people paying for long term care.

Scientists at the University of East Anglia think they have made a connection between stroke patients who are treated for atrial fibrillation (AF) and a reduced risk of developing dementia.

The risk of dementia almost doubles when stroke survivors develop AF, according to the research, which suggested tighter management of the condition could offer protection against brain degeneration.

"These results may help us identify potential treatments that could help delay or even prevent the onset of dementia," said Dr Phyo Kyaw, who led the research.

"Options could include more rigorous management of cardiovascular risk factors or of AF, particularly in stroke patients."

Alzheimer's Research UK recently invited people to come to free public talks in Leeds on March 15th, where the latest findings in dementia research will be shared.


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