Group exercise 'more enjoyable' for older adults

Posted on 13 April 2011

Older people, who may be paying for care, will find exercising as part of a group more enjoyable than going it alone, according to one expert.

Vicky Johnston, of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy said that older people should exercise as even small improvements in strength can make a big difference in terms of retaining independence.

 "I would also advise people to check with their local councils, newspapers and notice boards, to see what exercise classes are available in their area - exercising as part of a group can be more fun," she said.

People can also keep fit at home, according to Ms Johnston. Sitting and standing from a chair targets major leg muscles and bicep curls can be achieved using nothing more than a can of beans or a plastic bottle to add resistance.

This comes after news that even people with hypertension may soon be able to exercise without worrying.

Researchers at the University of Texas used an angiotensin receptor blocker to block sudden rises in blood pressure during exercise.



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