Government to change older people care law?

Posted on 12 May 2011

It is thought that the government will embrace changes to law regarding the care of older people after a Law Commission report exposed the flaws in current legislation.

These reforms could affect older people, such as those choosing a care home, as well as disabled individuals likely to make use of assisted living, and their carers.

The Law Commission report found that more than 40 statutes are in need of altering or scrapping, as is a plethora of contradictory guidance.

Frances Patterson QC, leader of the review, said: "Our recommendations will bring much-needed clarity and accessibility to this important area of the law, and have a major, beneficial impact on the lives of many of our most vulnerable citizens."

In other news, Andrew Chidgey of the Alzheimer's Society has said that council cutbacks into older person care will lead to an "unacceptable postcode lottery of care".

Posted by Toby Mynott



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