Good diet 'can lower risk of dementia'

Posted on 08 March 2011

A good diet and exercise can help to decrease the risk of dementia for people paying for long term care, Alzheimer's Research UK has said.

Alison Cranage, spokeswoman for the charity, said it is also important to make sure people are well hydrated.

"Some research has suggested that a diet low in fat, with lots of fruit and vegetables and including some oily fish can help lower our risk," she went on to say.

Other studies have implied that, contrary to popular wisdom, small amounts of alcohol can be good for the brain.

According to a study in the Journal Age and Ageing, light to moderate alcohol consumption is inversely related to incident dementia among individuals aged 75 years and over.

Additionally, the Alzheimer's Society claimed recently that more than half a million people will have undiagnosed dementia by 2021, which could lead to an increase in the number of people paying for long term care.


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