Experiential training helps dementia carers understand

Posted on 15 March 2011

People with dementia need specialist care, and it is essential that care home staff looking after them are properly trained to deliver this service, Care UK has said.

This week, the organisation announced that a new pilot project at a day centre and 47 homes which provide dementia care has delivered "remarkable" results, including high-impact training for staff.

Karen Morrison, head of service design at Care UK, said experiential training allows staff to see things from the point of view of dementia patients who are paying for care.

During a one-day course, staff are given special glasses to blur their vision, headphones to deliver white noise and bandages to restrict their finger movement.

"The effectiveness of the approach is clear - staff are now more aware, have more insight and see the residents as individuals with unique needs and challenges which, in turn, has allowed them to deliver far more flexible, person-centred care," she went on to say.


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