Exercise 'improves arthritis, regardless of weight loss'

Posted on 27 September 2011

Exercise could improve the symptoms of arthritis in those paying for care, even if they do not lose weight, research has shown.

A study published in journal Arthritis & Rheumatism studied obese mice with arthritis that consumed a high-fat diet and remained obese despite exercising.

It was found that even without substantial weight loss, exercise eased the symptoms of arthritis.

This indicates that weight alone is not what causes the aches and pains of osteoarthritis.

Author Farshid Guilak said it was "surprising" that exercise could benefit the joints without causing significant weight loss.

"Ideally, it would be best to be fit and lose a little weight, but this shows that exercise alone can improve the health of your joints," he continued.

Meanwhile, Alison Wyndham, founder of The Wyndham Centres, has said that foods "play a big part in osteoarthritis".

She said that people worried about developing the condition should avoid inflammatory foods such as sugar, and try to keep the level of acid in their diet low.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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