Everyone will be affected by cataracts, expert warns

Posted on 26 July 2011

Older individuals, who may be paying for care, should ensure they regularly attend a cataracts check.

Graham Cox, professional services manager for Ultralase, said that age-related cataracts will "eventually affect everyone".

He added that those affected by the condition do not have to live unnecessarily with impaired vision, as treatments are available which replace the cloudy lens with an artificial one.

The expert explained that cataracts occurs when the natural lens of the eye becomes clouded, causing blurred vision.

"Cataracts are the main cause of impaired vision in the world and, if left long enough, they can cause a person's sight to deteriorate to the point of blindness," added Mr Cox.

This follows news from the optical specialist that a fifth of GP practises are changing the criteria they use to refer cataracts patients for NHS treatment, despite the fact that 85 per cent believe postponing surgery has a detrimental effect on patients' quality of life.

Posted by Natalie Edwards



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